4 wheel alignment

4 wheel alignment or geometry services


Use of our Hunter computer aided vehicle alignment system allows us to measure the geometry, or alignment, of all 4 wheels on your vehicle with total accuracy.
Using these 4 wheel alignment measurements, along with a certain amount of feedback from the cars driver, allows us to evaluate your current set-up and offer recommendations on any adjustments that can be made to improve your vehicles handling.

To fully optimise your chassis, please click here for our corner weighting services.

Why you should have your 4 wheel alignment (geometry) checked.


  • to optimise chassis balance – geometric variations between the position or alignment of each of the 4 wheels that may not sound much really do have quite a marked affect on your vehicles handling and any of these effects will amplify with speed
  • to prevent premature tyre wear – any set-up that is less than optimal will result in premature tyre wear. It’s no good setting the 4 wheel alignment of a rep mobile to that of an oval circuit car as the extreme angles will result in premature wear of the inside tyre edge along with a very ‘strange’ feeling car that constantly scrubs it’s tyres. Any toe settings dialed in that do not suit the use of your car will cause unnecessary tyre scrub again resulting in premature and unnecessary tyre wear.
  • to maximise fuel economy – being an easy target all motorists feel the pinch whether it be from spiraling fuel costs, vehicle excise duty or motorway tolls (I’ve said for years that the VED should be worked into the price of fuel but that’s for discussion another time!) and the last thing you want is to be using excessive fuel when a basic 4 wheel alignment check can prevent this. Any tyre scrub from less than optimal geometry settings will increase fuel consumption, it’s difficult to quantify but it will cost you in the long run so getting it corrected is a must..

A 4 wheel alignment or geometry check will measure

-Camber angles both front and rear
-Castor angle
-Toe angles both front and rear
-Thrust angle

Additional measurements can be made to determine track width, tyre temperature, camber curves, toe curves, bump steer etc. to enable the optimum track set-up possible.