oil catch tank

Internally baffled engine oil breather catch tank system, designed for Subaru EG and EJ series engines but perfect for almost any car.

Designed and manufactured inhouse at Mocom Racing.
This complete oil breather catch tank system has been extensively tested on the Hillclimb circuit and the many circuits visited by the UK’s Time Attack series aswell as the loose stuff of the British RallyCross Championship so you can be confident in the fact it works. Our own Time Attack STi, more affectionally known as the MR400, successfully ran Mocom Racings Oil Catch Tank ‘Closed Loop’ Breather System at the final round of the 2008 Time Attack series at Snetterton, and has since completed many miles around Brands Hatch Indy circuit in both 2009 and 2010.


Subaru Engine Oil Breather Catch Tank Design

Each Subaru oil catch tank is internally baffled.
Each Subaru oil catch tank has two matched inlet ports for connection to the cylinder head breather system along with one matched inlet port for connection to the crankcase breather system.
At the bottom of our baffled Oil Catch Tank is a large diameter vent port to ensure the engine’s breather system is not restricted in any way, this is where the majority of aftermarket oil catch tanks on the market fail with insufficient ports combined with less than ideal flow rate’s resulting in a heavily restricted engine breather system.
This vent port is perfectly baffled to ensure only air exits using this path retaining all the oil within your engine where it is crucially needed.


To drain, or return the oil from the baffled oil catch tank to the oil pan?

Each oil catch tank includes a -10AN fitting fitted to the bottom of the baffled oil catch tank to allow for draining of the oil catch tank in it’s most basic configuration. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable it was designed to be connected to a braided oil return line running back to the engine oil pan, this is our ‘closed loop’ engine oil breather catch tank system and provides a fit and forget solution to your engine’s breather system. Whilst you can certainly run our Subaru oil catch can system on it’s own without utilising the return port you do have to pay close attention to the quantity of oil ‘caught’ and the fill rate, particularly when used on circuit in conjunction with high grip tyres and the increased lateral g they can generate.


The ‘Closed Loop’ engine oil catch tank system fitted here at Mocom Racing includes

Mocom Racing’s baffled Oil Catch Tank
-10AN 90 degree JIC fitting
-10AN banjo
-10AN straight connection
-10 Performoflex braided oil supply hose
dowty seals
oil pan banjo bolt
engine oil change with Motul 300V fully synthetic oil (as used by SWRT)

The banjo bolt allows connection to the engine’s oil pan in place of the OEM bung. As this bung is replaced the engine has to be emptied of oil therefore the fitted price includes a full engine oil change with Motul 300V fully synthetic engine oil and a genuine Subaru oil filter.