subaru fuel swirl pot

Primarily designed to perfect engine bay fuel swirl pot installations on Subaru’s 2006-2007 Hawkeye Impreza STi, Mocom Racing’s 1.7ltr capacity fuel swirl pot provides total fuel surge protection on the most demanding of circuits.


fuel swirl pot to prevent fuel surge


The lower -6AN male fitting is used for the fuel swirl pot’s supply line from Subaru’s standard fuel tank, with a -8AN male fitting exiting the underside of the fuel swirl pot to supply your external pump such as a Bosch 044. We then have two more -6AN fittings incorporated into our design; the first being the main return line from the fuel pressure regulator and finally the uppermost fitting is the overflow from the Subaru fuel swirl pot back to the standard fuel tank as found in all Subaru Impreza’s, Forester’s and Legacy’s.

To ensure fitting is as easy as possible Mocom Racing’s Subaru fuel swirl pot is securely located utilising existing mounting points on the left hand inner wing resulting in an installed position along the firewall just above the left hand chassis rail. Mounting our Subaru fuel swirl pot here provides as much protection as physically possible in the event of an accident.

For a more durable finish, or to enhance your engine bay, why not choose to have your Subaru fuel swirl pot powder coated? Many colours are available so please get in contact with your requirements.