exclusive products

fuel swirl pot to prevent fuel surge

There are many areas in the Subaru tuning scene where cost determines final product design over function or form and occasionally safety. Thankfully you will not find that here at Mocom Racing and for that reason we will only fit those products that have undergone our extensive testing regimes. Mocom Racing really do want you and your team to succeed but as the old adage goes

“to finish first, first you have to finish”

and never has a truer word been spoken!

With team budgets under constant scrutiny we are firm believers in spending only where truly necessary though a race cars fuel or oil system is not the place to be looking at reducing cost, should a fuel system or oil system product fail it’s highly probable to result in disaster.

In our ‘exclusive products’ section you will find detail on those products we have designed and developed to fill the gaps we have found over the years in our quest for the perfect Subaru whilst meeting the demands of the most rigorous race series out there. As a true testament to their robustness, our oil catch tank was used to alleviate a customers oil loss in the British Rally Cross Championship with great success.