How to use the Syvecs Sync Scope

The basics of using the Syvecs Sync Scope feature

Syvecs S6 install onto CS Auto's STi2 engined race Imprea

Syvecs S6 install onto CS Auto’s STi2 engined race Impreza

Just what is the Syvecs Sync Scope feature?

The Syvecs Sync Scope function stores a record of the signals registered by the crankshaft and camshaft sensor.

How can the Syvecs Sync Scope feature help me?

The sync scope feature available on all Syvecs S6 and S8 ECU’s is an efficient method of diagnosing starting and running problems.

Just this weekend we were tasked with getting to the bottom of a non starting Subaru Impreza running a Syvecs S6 Motorsport ECS and the Syvecs Sync Scope function assisted in our diagnosis.

The race prepared Subaru Impreza had recently been fitted with an engine from an STiII and although initially started just fine had failed to start since. A quick check of the engine state within sCal showed that the engine would not leave ‘turn’ state so we quickly fired up the Syvecs Sync Scope to determine the cause. On viewing the Syvecs Sync Scope it was immediately apparent that the cam sensor was not producing a valid signal so we set about investigating why. As it turned out it was an wiring issue within the (custom) loom and luckily a straightforward fix but without the help of the Syvecs Sync Scope we just might of missed the best F1 race of modern times!