2014 MLR Sprint Series Evo 6 leads the way

Mocom Racing helps Peeler’s Evo 6 to the top of the MLR’s 2014 Sprint Series

Congratulations to Peeler, both owner and driver of car number 30, after finishing 1st in class (B) of the 2014 MLR Sprint Series round 1 held at Castle Combe.

Mocom Racing inspires confidence leading to another MLR class win

Confidence and commitment are required to top the leader boards around the UK’s ultra fast Castle Combe race circuit and the opening round of the 2014 MLR Sprint Series saw plenty of both this weekend from Peelers race winning Evo6 thanks to Mocom Racing’s magical touch.

Whilst confidence in your car’s ability and it’s behavior promote commitment, your car needs to be in optimal mechanical condition to hold it’s head high above the rest of the competition and fight for top honors. The opening round of the MLR’s 2014 Sprint Series allowed race winning car number 30 to experience this event winning formula, combining Meister R’s adjustable coilover suspension system with Mocom Racing’s race winning engineering expertise, first hand after Mocom Racing were asked to optimise the handling of Peeler’s Evo 6 in preparation for a win.

Corner Weighting for the MLR Sprint Series

After adding a little (!) ballast to Peeler’s Evo6, to replicate the weight of the driver, we set about adjusting the height of the Meister R coilover suspension independently to achieve the rake we wanted, once this was achieved and a base alignment set-up dialled in we adjusted the spring preload, little by little, until we achieved the desired effect and optimised the static weight distribution across all 4 corners of Peelers soon to be championship leading car.

Improved alignment for the MLR Sprint Series

On arrival Mocom Racing were briefed with Peeler’s desired, and dare I say somewhat aggressive, alignment settings though after some discussion it was agreed that these should be tamed a little due to Combes fast sweepers. Whilst Peeler’s aggressive settings may suit a WRX running on a coned airfield course like those found at events such as T.O.T.B. (Ten of the Best) our experience of Whiltshire’s fastest sweepers has led us to somewhat less radical geometry settings proving beneficial and with the risk of poor weather conditions this early on in the season it was the better option.


2014 MLR Sprint winning Evo6 leads with Mocom Racing's race winning touch

Mocom Racing’s race winning experience proven with Peeler’s 2014 MLR Sprint winning Evo 6