about the site

The purpose of this site is to let you all know just what we get upto at Mocom Racing and showcase the core services we offer like minded petrol heads.

Whether you own a Subaru, a Sylva, a Starion or even a Saxo (!) it shouldn’t matter, just so long as you put them to the use that mother nature intended and that’s to drive them…………………drive them hard……………….and drive them to their limit.

Notice I said “to their limit” and not beyond and I’d just like to emphasize this. I do not condone anyone driving beyond their ability, or their car’s capability and any on the limit driving should be reserved for the circuits and hills and any other automotive testing or proving ground.

Along the way we’ll be discussing our products, both old and new, and whilst they’re primarily designed to solve something Subaru related you’ll note that from time to time we come up with a product that works just as well on another marque. It’s not that we don’t want to produce quality products for the other marques, it’s just that we have enough to think of with the Subaru brand though should there be anything you feel we could assist you with them please feel free to get in touch. If we aren’t in a position to help then it’s probable that we can put you in touch with someone that can.

Our www site will continue to be a window for the multitude of Subaru products we’ve supplied to the Subaru community over the last 10 years or more but with it being designed around relatively old technology, it doesn’t make best use of the more up to date media and that’s where this site comes in. We’ll be adding pictures and video from events we either run in, or attend, along with pictures and video from customers and competition cars that we sponsor.